About us

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A word from the designers

PSIR was born in 2018 when Matthew and Gary, two longtime friends, raised the issue of mounts and traditional wooden glasses from the market.

Indeed, we noticed that they were all missing some very important aspects: adjustable sleeves, an opening of the straps, resistance thanks to the walnut and many other secrets! So we decided to bring together all the best in our wooden frames.
From the start, our first creations of wooden PSIR glasses were a small success with opticians but also with great eyewear manufacturers renowned for their knowledge, experience and know-how!
We then decided to invest 200% ( 100% each ) in this beautiful project. From many stores, initially local, trusted us, then multiple events made us meet new partners in France → we are aiming at more than 700 national and international resellers by the end 2021.

Thus PSIR develops every day new creations and develops new patented technologies with the aim of improving both style and also the technique of wooden glasses while improving our way of consuming.

logo psir lunettes en bois

Our values ​​

Wanting to share moral and ethical values, we have created a brand whose goal is to upset the codes of the lunetterie by offering a product that suits everyone and that is easy to appropriate .
A real symbol synonymous with nature in which anyone can recognize themselves.

P artage : PSIR cares about the value of sharing, sharing means committing to others and giving the best of yourself. PSIR shares both its creations but also an art of living differently and standing out thanks to our unique and original collections
S atisfaction : The satisfaction of our private customers as well as professionals is essential. The entire PSIR team is attentive to the requests of each of you to be as close as possible to your needs and requests.
I nnovation : Because we never stop renewing ourselves and bringing the best to each of our collections, we want to innovate all the time and offer unusual and unique products.
R espect : Everyone has the right to respect, and it is by starting with a relationship of trust and respect that everyone can blossom. The same goes for PSIR, where respect is essential for our customers, our employees but also for all the players who make PSIR the company it is today.

The brand PSIR was born of itself.

L'équipe PSIR

personne de profil portant une chemise
Sylvain - Chargé de Communication

Pour réussir la communication d'une marque de lunettes, une chose est sûre, il faut y voir clair !

femme souriante de face
Loïs - Responsable Clientèle

Je serai ravie de répondre à toutes vos demandes !

homme souriant de face avec lunettesPhilippe - Responsable Commercial
Secteur Sud-Ouest

La marque PSIR représente très bien le terroir cher à notre Sud-Ouest !

homme de face portant des lunettes
Jean-Christophe - Responsable Commercial
Secteur Ile de France

Admirez la Tour Eiffel avec de belles lunettes en bois !

homme de faceEmmanuel - Responsable Commercial
Secteur Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

De l'Auvergne et ses volcans aux montagnes enneigées des Alpes, il faut toujours avoir une paire de lunettes en bois PSIR pour se protéger du soleil.

mer et cote d'azur
Frédéric - Responsable Commercial
Secteur PACA et Corse

Avoir des lunettes de soleil dans le Sud, c'est essentiel !

ville de lille avec batimentsAntoine - Responsable Commercial
Secteur Hauts-de-France et Normandie

Cette belle région a besoin de belles lunettes PSIR !

cote bretonne avec phare

Bruno - Responsable Commercial
Secteur Bretagne and Pays de la Loire

It's not just raining in Brittany so think about PSIR!

 atomium bruxelles belgium Jeremy - Sales Manager
Sector Belgium and Luxembourg

We had to share our glasses with our friends Belgians!

 half-timbered houses

Jérôme - Sales Manager
Grand Est Sector

Half-timbered houses and wooden glasses clearly go together!