PSIR - About us

PSIR was born in 2018 when Matthieu and Gary, two longtime friends, raised the issues of traditional wooden frames on the market.
Indeed they all lack something; adjustable sleeves, opening of the straps, resistance in walnut and many other trade secrets! PSIR fits everything best on their mounts.
Wanting to share moral and ethical values, they create a brand whose aim is to offer people a new emblem under which it is easy to recognize oneself as a citizen of the world and the respect that this includes, and by this done, better respect oneself, an emblem synonymous with nature in which people can recognize themselves.
At the very beginning their first creations of wooden glasses were a small success with big houses or with big eyewear manufacturers renowned for their knowledge, experience and know-how! Matthieu and Gary then decide to put themselves at 200% (100% each) in this beautiful project, they succeed in becoming a partner of many first local stores then many events make them know many French partners. Projection of 700 national and international resellers at the end of 2021.
Thus PSIR develops every day new creations and patented technologies with the aim of improving both the style of wooden glasses in fashion and improving the way of consuming.
The brand PSIR, was born.
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