Try our glasses !

 woman with smartphone and text fitting glasses

You can now try our wooden glasses directly from your computer or smartphone!

To do this, nothing more simple:

1. Find your perfect pair

Browse through our collections of sunglasses or optical glasses and click on the product sheet of the frame you like.

 screenshot process step 1

2. Click on "Try me"

Under the "Add to cart" button is another "Try me" button, don't panic, you can easily change your glasses without having to change the product sheet!

 screenshot process step 2

3. Authorize the use of your camera

Remember to authorize access to your camera or webcam, the authorization request s 'normally displays automatically.

 screenshot process try glasses

4. See the result!

For best results, we recommend that you place yourself in a place that is neither too bright nor too dark and be at a distance of 40/50cm from your camera.

Test a product directly!

Good to know:
No image or video of you is stored on our servers or those of our partners.
Although quite true to reality, the result The state of the virtual fitting may vary depending on your distance from the lens, the quality of your webcam, your camera, etc.
Remember to check the dimensions of each frame on the product sheet for complete the virtual try-on. All our frames are also available in store.