Zoom on PSIR partners

Today PSIR invites you to take an interest not in glasses but in those who sell them and advise you throughout the year: the opticians PSIR partners !

Obviously, when you want to change your pair of glasses or simply have your eyesight assessed, your first instinct will be to go to an optician, and you will then be delighted to learn that your optician is a partner PSIR and can therefore offer you magnificent wooden glasses !

PSIR has 150 resellers at the start of 2021 and soon more than 200 resellers throughout France! By 2022, PSIR is targeting more than 700 resellers in France and 200 international resellers.

In the meantime, we invite you to discover the most beautiful showcases of our partners ( we probably forgot!)

 glasses display case
Atol, Mauguio

 optician's window
Optique Sergent, Moutiers

Are you a professional and would also like to be one of these beautiful showcases? To become a PSIR partner, go to here !