Zoom on La Bordelaise

Aaaah La Bordelaise ... A unique pair of wooden glasses which will delight lovers of originality and which will sparkle the eyes of whoever wears them.

La Bordelaise is above all a model of glasses out of the ordinary, with a very particular work on the assembly wood on the facade as well as on the branches . 4 different types of wood are used to compose this wooden pair of glasses : light oak, brown oak, maple and ebony. Originally named "Multi-Bois", the creative idea of ​​La Bordelaise was born in Bordeaux and therefore logically gave it its name.

Indeed, the link between this beautiful city which crisscrosses the land and the ocean and the design of this frame was obvious! The alternation of different wood species shows very well the diversity of this region and this city.

The first partner opticians were conquered, success was at the rendezvous for La Bordelaise. Today, it is a registered model and essential of the house PSIR. Wearing it is a joy, impossible to be disappointed!

Specific characteristics

This model of glasses is actually a real collection of PSIR, it is indeed available in 8 models and is available both in optics and in sunglasses . No less than 16 frames therefore, which will delight a lot of people!

For technical sheet enthusiasts (but also others), here are details on the composition and characteristics of La Bordelaise:

In terms of materials, La Bordelaise is distinguished by its unique blend of different wood species on the front and on the branches. This multi-wood aspect is unique and thus makes La Bordelaise a registered model. On the two branches, a brass plate is affixed with the PSIR logo, for a rendering of the most beautiful effect!

Model: La Bordelaise III Solaire

Obviously, this pair of glasses has double spring hinges for s' best adapt to all faces.

Its multiple brown colors and light tones combine to offer you a unique frame that will bring out your best asset: your look !

Regarding glasses, you will have to see your optician so that he can provide you with the most suitable glasses to your sight ! No panic, thanks to our easy opening system for straps , your optician n 'it will be easy to replace the presentation glasses with glasses that you can see, and without damaging your beautiful pair of La Bordelaise.