Protection and polarized lenses, what advantage for me?

In summer or under certain conditions (eg driving, skiing, mountain ...), sunlight is strong, dazzling and can therefore interfere with your vision because it reflects off surfaces (water, road, windshield, snow, etc.). This glare causes a feeling of discomfort and can even be dangerous when driving.

This is to counteract this phenomenon that polarized (or polarizing) lenses were invented, thus allowing the suppression of glare.

Polarizing lenses are high performance solar lenses that, in the sun, give you an optimized vision.

The degree of protection offered by your glasses are also measured on the basis of indices:

- 0 = These are glasses that are not tinted. They let between 80 and 100% of the light through.

- 1 = These are glasses that are very light tinted or degraded. They allow between 43 and 80% of the light to pass through.

- 2 = These are glasses that are slightly tinted or degraded. They allow between 18 and 43% of the light to pass through.

- 3 = These are glasses that are tinted for let in 8 and 18% of the light. Strong protection for high exposure, suitable for sea and mountain.

- 4 = These are glasses which are strongly tinted to only let in between 3 and 8% of the light. Maximum protection, very dark lenses reserved for extreme light conditions, prohibited for driving.

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At PSIR, all sunglasses made of wood are protective level 3.

Beneficial for your vision, polarized lenses reduce eye fatigue while protecting the eyes , the colors and the contrasts reflect reality, the visual acuity is intact, the visual comfort is very appreciable.

These glasses can also be corrective.

Ask your preferred optician to choose the most suitable PSIR frame.

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