Our new gradients lenses

What better way to stand out from the crowd and to have a pair of sunglasses from more original than wearing colored sunglasses?
Even if they are very original and often quite eye-catching for others, they are also for you.

Seeing life in pink has some advantages but it often happens that for glasses , this omnipresence of color in our vision causes inconvenience.

A solution is then to adopt degraded sun lenses ! At PSIR we have decided to equip certain models of our glasses with gradient lenses of different colors, from the most sober to the most showy: black, brown, blue, red and purple. !
Thanks to these glasses, you can now read a book without problem on your deckchair, or admire the landscape in the distance without risking your eyes.

On the technical side, these glasses are, like all our solar lenses , category 3 UV400 for the darkest part of the lens and go down to category 1, still ensuring you protection, for the most transparent part of the glass .

So? Which pair of wooden sunglasses will you choose? And with which glasses?

Discover them here .