What shape of glasses to choose for your face?

Your glasses will accompany you for a little while in your life, so it is important to choose them wisely. Obviously, the ideal choice will be the pair of glasses that you like the most on your face. But to help you sort through the store first and not try on all the glasses in the store, we will help you see more clearly in the different shapes of glasses as well as the different shapes of glasses. face .

To select the ideal frame, the first step will be to choose a pair of glasses that matches the shape of your face. Then, you can refine your selection according to your eyebrows or your nose. Then choose the frame and the colors that you like the most.
And finally an infallible advice to make the right choice: choose the wooden glasses !

Different face shapes and associated eyeglass shapes

Other aspects to take into account

There are other elements to take into account, such as your eyebrows for example: it is important that your glasses do not cover them entirely nor that 'you can see them through the glass, think about it!

Your nose and the distance between your eyes can also be involved in choosing your pair of glasses , if your nose is long, choose a low bridge, if your eyes are close together, choose a narrow bridge (if you don't know what a bridge is, here's for you The Lexicon of Optics !)

You now have all the cards in your hand to choose your ideal pair of glasses, now the choice is yours!