Prepare for summer with PSIR!

The beautiful days are coming… or almost! While waiting to be able to truly enjoy the beaches, the lakeside or, who knows, the terraces, we offer you a small selection of products to prepare for summer with PSIR!

Forget sweaters and other hats (even if we make them very beautiful!) instead of t-shirts and shorts! To start your PSIR look we will start by advising you with a PSIR t-shirt in organic cotton .

In addition to respecting the standard and the label GOTS , it is available in more than 7 colors and for sizes ranging from XS to XL, in summary everyone will find shoe to his feet, or rather T-shirt to his chest! For those who prefer, you can also wear our polo shirt, also in organic cotton.

But the centerpiece of your outfit, the one that will make you stand out from the crowd and that will highlight value your face but also your whole outfit: the wooden sunglasses PSIR!

Here too, there is something for everyone , but also all budgets: wooden sunglasses "classic" like the Chill Club by PSIR, with the pair of wooden glasses La Bordelaise through La Monegasque and its bluish interior, it is certain that at least one pair of sunglasses ettes sun PSIR matches your desires!

Wooden sunglasses: La Monégasque et Chill Club

A tee shirt, wooden sunglasses, you are ready for this summer !

We do not yet have the swimsuits PSIR to offer you but we are sure that you will find your happiness somewhere or maybe you already have your favorite swimsuit?