Why do you sometimes have to wear sunglasses even when there is no sun?

When the sky is white and cloudy, we mistakenly think that there is no sun and that our eyes are safe. But in reality, it suffices for the sun to filter a little through the clouds, which is often the case and our eyes are assaulted. This statement is particularly true if your eyes are clear and therefore more sensitive to the sun.

According to ophthalmologists, it is recommended to take out your sunglasses as soon as possible. that the light is strong, even in cloudy weather, and in particular between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. At the beach, in the mountains or in the plains, the light sometimes reflects on the water and even on the snow, which makes its diffraction even more powerful. Prolonged and repeated exposure to this luminosity and its harmful UV rays can accelerate the degeneration process of the retina , which is why it is necessary to wear it most often possible your sunglasses outdoors , and preferably glasses with polarized lenses .

This information is all the more true about children! Do not hesitate to equip them even if they are sometimes resistant to glasses .

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Wooden sunglasses - Chill Club Blue

Another very important point, blue light does not only concern screens . Indeed, this light is also present outside, since the entire spectrum of light is emitted by the sun, including so-called "blue" light, with an intensity 100 times greater than that of famous screens. Wearing sunglasses therefore filters this light, which tires our eyes. In short, there is always a great reason to wear sunglasses! You can find our selection of sunglasses wooden by here . here . < / p>