Why do visually impaired people wear glasses?

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You must have asked yourself the question one day or perhaps you asked it a little awkwardly directly to the people concerned: why are the blind do they wear glasses ? Since people who suffer from blindness cannot see anything by sight, why would they need glasses? This is what we will try to see in this article.

Several answers

There is no one answer to this question but many. The first is that wearing glasses allows the blind not to disturb their interlocutors with the vision of their eyes , which is why they generally wear sunglasses tinted. The second, which you probably haven't thought of, is about direct protection to the eyes. Indeed, glasses form a shield against the attacks that the eyes can undergo: insects, thorns, low branches and others which can directly damage the eyes. There is also a very simple answer which simply concerns the fact that wearing sunglasses in all everyday situations allows outsiders to be warned about blindness. a person, in addition to the possible cane that the person has.

The real answer to the question, however, is much simpler: most people who are blind are not 100% blind and very often these people perceive all the same the light . It is therefore obvious that they too must protect themselves from the sun's rays and from light in general.

 blind person walking the street with sunglasses and cane

La Bordelaise V Solaire, UV400 Category 3 polarized lenses

The particular case of visually impaired people and evolutions

As we have seen before, most people are not totally blind and therefore simply need a very important correction. ante of their sight and wear glasses like everyone else would.

And in the future? Several researchers have developed glasses allowing blind and visually impaired people to regain their sight: cameras placed on the side of the glasses retransmit elements of the field of vision directly on the retina and thus allow these people to regain part of their sight. The person wearing these glasses then has the impression of seeing an image floating in front of their eyes and which is thus superimposed on what they are already perceiving, significantly improving their sight .

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