The key bridge, what is it for?

The key bridge of glasses (... also called key nose), but what is it? PSIR tells you everything!

Essential in the choice of your wooden glasses, it is not a question of a bridge that can open all the doors but of 'a specific “retro” style of bridge found on so-called “vintage” frames.

The key bridge owes its name to its shape of lock. Thanks to its shape, the key bridge only rests on the edges of the nose and therefore adapts to a large number of people.

The bridge is one of the few contact points between your face and your glasses.

This is what it looks like on a model from PSIR,

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It is important to choose a pair of glasses with a bridge that fits nicely on the nose. If there is a gap between the nose and the bridge, the glasses will be more difficult to adjust and sometimes it can even cause pain.

 Bordelaise, wooden glasses, psir , optics, key nose, key bridge

Among the several forms that exist, there is also the double-bridge that appeared in the 1930s with the famous Aviator sunglasses.

The purpose of this mount was to provide the US Airforce pilots with maximum protection from the sun's rays. In addition to a lens 3 times wider than the eye, optimal and tailor-made UV filtration, the double-bridge is there to increase resistance and balance everything.

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Double-bridge wooden glasses may one day arrive at PSIR who knows? 👀