The adjustable sleeves of our wooden glasses

The sleeve of the glasses is a part forming a hook located at the end of the temples of your glasses.

In general, the sleeve is structured with a metal rod coated with acetate.

adjustable sleeves psir wooden glasses

Many wooden glasses do not have adjustable sleeves which can be a problem when your favorite pair of glasses is not comfortable because it is not. not adapted to your face.

PSIR has innovated by adding adjustable sleeves on all its pairs of wooden glasses.

These sleeves allow the optician to adjust them to satisfy all face shapes and therefore to increase your comfort even more!

For this, your optician uses machines that heat or emit vibrations on your branches to bend the acetate.

Although not very original for classic glasses, it is not common on wooden glasses.

PSIR gives birth to wooden glasses with adjustable sleeves!

strasbourgeoise wooden glasses psir