The most unusual glasses

A real sight tool for many, fashion accessory for some and social marker for others, glasses are found in all their forms, the most extravagant . If it is sometimes those who wear them who want to stand out, it is also often the brands of glasses that want to show their eccentricity or simply their know-how .

Technique or extravagant design

Glasses with a layer of fur or knitted, glasses brands love to offer glasses with the most extravagant and especially the most incongruous for a pair of glasses ! The designers also have fun with our glasses and offer creations that are at least original: kaleidoscope glasses, or glasses that transform all sources of light into a heart ... there is something for everyone!

< p align = "justify"> Water sports enthusiasts or lakeside walkers will also be delighted: there are floating glasses ! If the functionality can be practical, the design may seem a little heavy on a daily basis, in summary: this pair is ideal as a second pair .

Always on the functionality side surprising: to reduce hunger and motion sickness (but not both at the same time!) two solutions are available to you: glasses Seetroën by Citroën or the glasses magnifying glasses that make you feel like you have more on your plate. We assure you, it's very serious!

 glasses against transport ailments seetroen
Seetroën motion sickness glasses by Citroën

Original materials

Cardboard, paper, cork, rock or even seaweed, there is no real limit in the manufacture of spectacle frames . If these materials are proof of know-how, are they really of interest?

Recycled materials are popular among eyewear and for good reason : even if some materials may seem more fragile or of lesser quality, glasses are often just as resistant than their more classic counterparts in acetate !

Others are getting into natural materials like a Breton start-up that has decided to make plastic glasses of course, but from algae. Still natural but a little less cheerful, some glasses are made from real animal skins such as iguanas, snakes, rays or even cows.

For a slightly less exotic side, though, PSIR offers a large collection of wooden glasses optical and wooden sunglasses . This material has the advantage of being just as resistant as acetate and also allowsto keep a light frame. Wooden glasses allow you to distinguish yourself and have a unique pair of glasses, according to the grain of certain wood species : a real style and original asset, discover our collections of wooden glasses.