The hinges of our wooden glasses

What are the hinges on your glasses?

The hinges on the glasses are an assembly of parts allowing the articulations joining the branches to the face of the frame and thus offering the fold branches behind the face.

psir wood glasses spring hinges

PSIR, for many of its models, has chosen to put spring hinges.

This type of eyeglass hinges offers better flexibility and allows the glasses to rest on your face in a comfortable way. Spring hinges are designed to withstand time.

This helps prevent them from slipping accidentally during physical activity. It is for this reason that spring-hinged glasses are ideal for jogging and sports.

Flex hinges which allow the wooden bezel to fit on everyone face

Many of our eyeglass frames feature spring hinges, so take the time to browse the selection to find one that perfectly matches your style.

 mercuryenne wooden glasses psir