What is GOTS label?

The GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international label created in 2002 for organic textiles.

It is the world reference in term for the evaluation of biological fibers, integrating social and ecological aspects.

The objective of this standard is to define globally recognized requirements, making it possible to guarantee the organic character of textiles from the harvest of raw materials, through responsible manufacturing from a social and environmental point of view, up to labeling, in order to provide a reliable guarantee to the end consumer. Textile processors and manufacturers must be able to export their organic fabrics and clothing along with accepted certification in all major markets.

At PSIR , we take care that all our textiles and clothing maintain the conditions of respect and improvement of working conditions as well as productions and environmentally friendly transformations.

 label gots organic cotton organic fiber psir

The GOTS label guarantees an ecological and socially responsible production method. It also applies quality requirements.

Level 1: organic textiles

  • More than 95% certified organic fibers
  • Less of 5% artificial or synthetic fibers

Level 2: textiles composed of X% organic fibers

  • More than 70% certified organic fibers
  • Less than 30% non-organic fibers, including a maximum of 10% synthetic fibers (25% for socks, long underwear and sportswear), if the raw materials used are neither certified of organic origin , neither from a sustainable forest management program nor recycled.

All processors and manufacturers of textile industry must also respect social criteria set by the fundamental standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

 label gots organic cotton organic fiber psir

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