The advantages of opening straps on a PSIR wooden frame

Even though today we are going to talk about frames (monture in french, like a horse) , you will understand, no offense to horse riding enthusiasts, the article concerns glasses and not horses.

 strapping wooden glasses psir

To start: what is strapping?

You have understood that we are going to talk about circles and more particularly of strapping glasses , but maybe you are not (yet) an expert in the anatomy of glasses. As shown in the sketch below, the circle is the part of the frame that goes around the lenses of your glasses.

The strapping, meanwhile, is the part that surrounds directly the lens, and which is therefore itself often surrounded by the circle sometimes by an aesthetic desire sometimes for the solidity of the structure.

glasses composition wooden psir

To circle or not to circle... That is the question

However, it happens that some lenses are not encircled by the frame , or at least not in the conventional sense of the term.

Indeed, on the so-called semi-circled frames, there is only a semi-circle ( gosh, who would have believed it? ) metal that holds the glass. As a support, a stretched nylon thread holds the glass from below or above.

 modele la nicoise wooden glasses psir

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Finally, PSIR wooden frame: what are the advantages?

Beyond offering a structure just as solid or even more solid than plastic or metal frames, glued laminated wood frames have other advantages.

In addition to being greener , a large number of wooden frames have an opening at the level of the rim of the lenses, which makes it easier to "clip" them. It is then easier to change it, depending on how your eyesight changes, for example, or even to put on sunglasses.

This cercle and its opening also allow opticians to change your lenses in a secure manner and without damaging your beautiful wooden PSIR frame!

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