Taking care of your wooden glasses

Choosing a pair of wooden glasses , for your optics or for a pair sunglasses, it's saying goodbye to classic glasses. No more plastic frames! But just like the relationship that unites you ( we wish you! ) with your other half, you will have to take care of your glasses because they take care of you and your eyes.

Wooden frame and varnish

The wooden frame, in addition to having many advantages , also protects you from the various skin problems that the contact of your glasses with your face could cause, thanks to the hypoallergenic varnish which is applied to the wood of all our frames. The other advantage of this varnish is that it allows you to protect your frame against the sun, rain and other vagaries of the weather. It therefore allows the wood of your glasses to resist over time.

Even if it is clear that plastic is at first glance more solid than wood, our frames have an optimal thickness in order to guarantee their resistance ( okay, except if a train passes over it ). This resistance does not allow regeneration of the wood that makes up the pair of glasses and that is why it will be necessary to take care of it, thanks to our advice!

Maintenance of your wooden glasses and lenses

Even if you might be tempted to let it do its own thing, over time the wood may lose its shine, and this is why we are going to give you some tips to keep your wooden glasses as shiny as they did on day one!

To maintain the frame , you can apply on the wood a very thin layer of natural wax (like beewax for example) with a clean cloth or a cotton swab for the thinest areas such as strapping . We recommend that you use a very small amount of wax and rub the wood strongly, it should start to shine slightly. When you have finished applying the wax, take another cloth ( or the same but on the clean side! ) and gently rub the glasses to remove any excess wax and prevent the frame from being sticky or leaves fingerprints when you pick it up.

Be careful not to get it on the glasses. But do not panic! If wax accidentally dropped on your glasses, clean them with a damp microfiber cloth.

 microfiber cleaning psir wooden bezel