The categories of lenses on sunglasses

If for many of us wooden sunglasses are above all a fashion accessory , it is important to know if they really protect us from the harmful rays of the sun or quite simply if they filter the light enough, since after all, this is what we ask of sunglasses sun!

To recognize a "good" pair of sunglasses from a "bad" one, you have to pay attention to two indicators: the UV400 mention and the lens category.

The mention UV400

First of all, your pair of sunglasses must bear the mention UV400: UV for ultraviolet rays and 400 for their wavelength (protection up to 400 nm, ie the "maximum" wavelength of UV rays). This indication therefore means that 99 to 100% of UV rays (UVA, UVB and UVC) are filtered by glasses . As a reminder, UV rays are harmful to the skin and your eyes if you are overexposed to them, this is why you wear sunscreen but also sunglasses! (okay it's also to keep you from being all red and dazzled)

The different categories of sun lenses

The categories of sun lenses are used as for them to determine the quality of filtration of light . In short, will your sunglasses lenses really keep you from being dazzled and will your eyes be well protected? There are 5 categories of sunglasses, from 0 to 4:

  • Category 0 corresponds to filtration between 0 and 19% and therefore to only aesthetic glasses.
  • Category 1 applies to glasses with a filtration of 20 to 57% of the sun's rays. Sunglasses that have this category of lenses are generally recommended in situations of reduced sunshine but in no case for strong sunshine.
  • The category 2 is for glasses that filter 58 to 82% of rays , recommended for "classic" sunshine situations.
  • Category 3 corresponds to a filtration of 82 to 93% of rays and suitable for strong sunshine , the glasses then provide the most effective comfort and protection.
  • Category 4 filter 93 to 97% of the rays and such glasses are used for extreme situations such as mountaineering for example. It is forbidden to drive with sunglasses having lenses of such a category.

 different categories of sunglasses

At PSIR, our wooden sunglasses all have category 3 lenses and UV400, they therefore filter 83 to 92% of the light but also filter all harmful UV rays! To protect your eyes , consider wooden sunglasses PSIR, to find on our site.