La Grenobloise


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Do you recognize by its round glasses the bubbles that take you to the top of La Bastille to admire Grenoble? This is what inspired this model of wooden glasses with which you can walk around the city center of Grenoble or go to the heights for why not do a little skiing, or have a glass of Chartreuse on the terrace, with moderation of course!

Features and sizes

- Materials : La Grenobloise is a PSIR creation. Inspired by French marquetry for woods, it is composed of brown oak, light oak, black ebony and a Canadian maple heart for resistance and flexibility. A hypoallergenic varnish protects you from irritation and other various skin problems.

- Features : Hinges to spring and flex of hinges to adapt to all face morphologies.

- Frame color : Old wood and white cream.

- Lens tint : Black

- Lens characteristics : polarized

- Glasses case : foldable recycled paper case

- Frame warranty : Lifetime according to conditions of use

- Reference of glasses : La Grenobloise

To see the sizes:

schema size grenobloise

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